4 Gabalus, Padangų Slėgio Jutikliai, PSSS 52933-C1100 52933C1100 už "Hyundai Tucson" Sonata " I20 Creta 2016-2020 433Mhz


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Žymos: ios padangų slėgio daviklis, "sonata", tpms padangų jutiklis, tucson, hyundai sonata", data hb20 "hyundai", creta skirti "hyundai", "hyundai i30 priedai, creta ix25, hyundai i30.

PADANGŲ SLĖGIO stebėjimo SISTEMOMIS JUTIKLIS PSSS 52933-C1100 52933C1100 UŽ HYUNDAI I20 CRETA IX25 TUCSON I40 IX35 SONATA Markė: AUTOMOBILIO PRO Būklė: 100% visiškai Naujas Produktas Pavadinimas: PADANGŲ SLĖGIO stebėjimo SISTEMOMIS JUTIKLIS Dalies Numeris: 52933-C1100 52933C1100 Dažnis: 433Mhz Fitments: už "Hyundai" Creta kw, ta 01/2016-12/2020(Rusija 433MHz)(GSB/GSR), skirti "Hyundai" Gensis G70 10/2017-12/2019(433MHz) už Hyundai Santa Fe 08/2018-12/2019(TM 433MHz) už Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 01/2018-12/2019 (SCH 433MHz) už "Hyundai Sonata" 03/2015-12/2019(SCH 433MHz) už Hyundai Tucson 01/2015-12/2018(433MHz) už Hyundai Tucson 01/2015-12/2015(LM/TL 433MHz) už Hyundai Tucson 01/2016-12-2019(LM/TL 433MHz) už Hyundai i20 11/2014-12/2019(GB/IB") Hyundai i35 10/2015-12/2019( TL/TLE) skirti "Hyundai" Nexo 10/2018-12/2019 už Kia Teliūrido 02/2019-12/2019 už Kia Teliūrido 01/2020-12/2020

  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: GISAEV
  • Medžiaga: CARPRO
  • Modelio Numeris: 52933-C1100
Ordered the father to install in the second set (winter) of wheels on the Hyundai Creta car 2018G. V. Bought for 2381.25 ₽. Delivery from a warehouse in Russia to the Kemerovo region-9 days. The courier brought to the house. The serial numbers of all four sensors are different. Track was tracked via IML transport company service. Specified from the seller about compatibility with the car, after a day received in response to confirmation. After installing the review from the words of the owner of the car I will complement.
Paul Vinet
The order was received on the second day, installed on Hyundai Creta 2020 for a winter set of tires. went away for two weeks with burning harp. I could not stand it, I opened a dispute, but I decided to experiment, stravil pressure up to 1,8 and pumped up to 2,6 in each wheel and after 7 km of harp went out. So the goods are satisfied, the store is excellent, thank you to the seller!!!
Everything is super, he did not expect the seller sociable, the order came very quickly, delivered the courier, already and put for the summer everything read even at the stage of installation of wheels. Recommend!!! To seller special thank you
Like everyone else, as long as before, it came quickly, everything is whole, in appearance, everything is fine, soon put, I hope everything will be OK, look how with luck, put the instruction, in the language of the likely enemy))). As soon as I add. Bye, thank you!
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